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STM32F3Discovery examples

They are QT GUI applications. The first example communicates with on-board (STM32F4Discovery board) MEMS gyroscope(L3GD20) and plots graph of gyro data. The second is a compass application that captures data from on-board MEMS E-compass(LSM303DLHC) and shows direction relative to the geographic cardinal directions. The GitHub repo:

STM32L0x3 HALL and LL driver

New community REMCU version for STM32L0x3 chips is available for download. This provides the HAL and LowLevel(LL) drivers Library to control the ultra-low-power microcontroller of ARM Cortex M0-based STM32L0 Series . There are version for Windows, MacOS and Linux OS. Go to Download page, type one of the following MCU name: STM32L053, STM32L053C6, STM32L053C8, STM32L053R6, […]