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REMCU Version for STM32F2

New community REMCU version for STM32F2 chip is available for download. This provides the Standard Peripheral Library to control the MCU of ARM Cortex M3-based high-performance 32-bit STM32F2 microcontrollers . There are version for Windows, MacOS and Linux.


Go to Download page, type one of the following MCU name to download the community version:
STM32F2XX, STM32F205RB, STM32F205RC, STM32F205RE, STM32F205RF, STM32F205RG, STM32F205VB, STM32F205VC, STM32F205VE, STM32F205VF, STM32F205VG, STM32F205ZC, STM32F205ZE, STM32F205ZF, STM32F205ZG, STM32F207IC, STM32F207IE, STM32F207IF, STM32F207IG, STM32F207VC, STM32F207VE, STM32F207VF, STM32F207VG, STM32F207ZC, STM32F207ZE, STM32F207ZF, STM32F207ZG

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