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STM32F0 REMCU is ready!

New community REMCU version for STM32F0 chips is available for download. This provides the Standard Peripheral Library to control the MCU of ARM Cortex M3-based low-cost 32-bit STM32F0 microcontrollers . There are version for Windows, MacOS, Linux and Raspberry Pi board!


Go to page, type one of the following MCU name to download the community version:
STM32F030F4, STM32F030C6, STM32F030K6, STM32F030C8, STM32F030R8, STM32F030CC, STM32F030RC, STM32F030, STM32F030XX
STM32F042, STM32F042XX, STM32F042F4, STM32F042G4, STM32F042K4, STM32F042T4, STM32F042C4, STM32F042F6, STM32F042G6, STM32F042K6, STM32F042T6, STM32F042C6
STM32F051C4, STM32F051K4, STM32F051R4,STM32F051C6, STM32F051K6, STM32F051R6, STM32F051C8, STM32F051K8, STM32F051R8,STM32F051T8, STM32F051xx, STM32F051
STM32F072, STM32F072XX, STM32F072C8, STM32F072R8, STM32F072V8, STM32F072CB, STM32F072RB, STM32F072VB
STM32F091, STM32F091XX, STM32F091CB, STM32F091RB, STM32F091VB, STM32F091CC, STM32F091RC, STM32F091VC

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