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STM32F4 version for Raspberry

REMCU STM32F407 version for Raspberry Pi have been added and is available for download! Go to page, type one of the following MCU name to download the community version: STM32F4XX, STM32F4DISCOVERY, STM32F405xx, STM32F405RG, STM32F405VG, STM32F405ZG, STM32F405OG, STM32F405OE, STM32F407xx, STM32F407VG, STM32F407IG, STM32F407ZG, STM32F407VE, STM32F407ZE, STM32F407IE, STM32F417VG, STM32F417VE, STM32F417ZG, STM32F417ZE, STM32F417IG, STM32F417IE

Raspberry Pi and STM32F103 Video Tutorial

Raspberry Pi REMCU video tutorial is now live. This is how to easily expand hardware of a Raspberry Pi board using one dollar STM32 microcontroller and several wires. User space C++ applications and Python scripts ran on the Raspberry will gain access to internal STM32F103 peripheral modules like DAC, ADC, GPIO and others as if […]